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Introduction to Wikibase

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The Wikibase.git package is part of the Wikibase software and consists of three interconnected extensions:

  • Wikibase Repository (in the directory repo)
  • Wikibase Client (in the directory client)
  • WikibaseLib (in the directory lib)

These extensions allow for the creation, maintenance, dissemination, and usage of structured data in MediaWiki.

The repo is the extension for the repository. It allows the creation and maintenance of structured data. This is being used on wikidata.org.

The client is the extension for the client. It allows several MediaWiki instances to use data provided by a Wikidata instance. Usually, you would not use them in a single wiki. This is being used on the Wikipedias.

The lib bundles common code that is used by both the client and the repo.


This package contains three interrelated MediaWiki extensions:

  • Wikibase (in the subdirectory repo)
  • WikibaseLib (in the subdirectory lib)
  • Wikibase Client (in the subdirectory client)

If you are running Wikibase with hhvm, you need to enable zend compat in your php.ini:

hhvm.enable_zend_compat = true

Wikibase depends on various libraries such as DataValues components, and uses Composer to make it easy to install and manage those.

Once you have Wikibase in your MediaWiki extensions directory, then run:

composer install

This will install both Wikibase Client and Repo together on the same wiki.

If you want to only have one or the other, then set $wgEnableWikibaseRepo = false or $wgEnableWikibaseClient to false for the one you don't want to enable.

Wikibase also depends on several JavaScript libraries. They are included in this repository as submodules. To fetch files of these libraries, you might need to run the following commands:

git submodule update --init

The Wikibase software

These extensions are part of the Wikibase software created by the Wikidata team for the Wikidata project.

The Wikidata project uses the Wikibase software on its website.